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Re: inward tics, and fill

Hi Zuojun,
	I don't know of a way to curtail your vectors on one side
of the plot only - "ppl windows/off" is all-or-nothing.  There is
a command called "ppl limits" I had hopes for but I didn't get
it to work for vectors.  Maybe you will need to restrict the 
ferret region to eliminate the offending vectors.

	On the tic marks and fill I had more luck.  You can use
the command "ppl %xaxis" and "ppl %yaxis" as defined in the 
plotplus manual under Advanced Commands.
	fill/i=3:8/j=3:8/set i+j
	ppl tics,,,,,1,1 ; ppl xaxis,3,8,0.5 ; ppl yaxis,3,8,0.5
        ppl fill  ! most of the tics are missing but now use

	ppl xlab,@sr  ; ppl %xaxis,3,8,0.5,3,,,,1,0
	ppl ylab,@sr  ; ppl %yaxis,3,8,0.5,3,,,,1,0
                  ! which adds the tick marks only

Note: The arguments of %xaxis are
      %xaxis/qualifier xlo,xhi,xinc,ypos,nst,lint,xunit,ipos,csize,frmt
where xlo,xhi,xinc are the start,end, and large tic interval of new x-axis
ypos is the height of the new axis in inches if qualifier=nouser or iser
units otherwise, nst=#small tics between large ones, lint=interval at
which large tics are labelled, xunit=divisor for label, ipos=-1,0,1 as
in the tics command, csize=label character size in inches (I used this to
force there to be no labels visible inside the axes and the "ppl xlab,@sr"
got rid of the default axis label). frmt controls the significant figures
in the labels.

Note: the %xaxis command actually redefines the xaxis for subsequent
overlays and is used to plot several disparate curves in one panel. When
used for cosmetic reasons, as here, I generally leave the %xaxis,$yaxis
calls to the very last step.

Good Luck,

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