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Re: how to change the symbol size?

Thank you all!

I got it!

It seems the ferret of the Alpha workstation I am mainly
working on needs to be updated. But it is not installed
by I. Better ask them to do so. I don't know why it
doesn't support font, like @p2@CI, the second one is no
use... that version is 5.00beta1.1, so I can not use 
other fonts.:(

So, if I want a 'nice-looking' arrow, another way is to 
export the ps file to illustrator to modify it? 

Sorry to bother you all. I did searched the email achive
before asking the question. But I did a silly search,:),
without any result.

Thanks again.


Kun Yang,   Researching Assistant
Dept. of Oceanography, Texas A&M Uni. College Station
Mailing Addr:  309, Ball Street, Apt. 1025, College Station, TX, 77840
Tel:  (979)-862-9113 (h), (979)-845-3238 (o)
Email addr:    yangk@ocean.tamu.edu; yangk@netease.com

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