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Re: how to change the symbol size?

Hi Kun,
	A number of the symbol fonts have arrow characters so you
could use them with the label command to place arrows wherever
you wanted on a figure, and rotate the arrow by an an angle in 
degrees, and specify its length in inches to suit your purpose.

	plot/i=1:10 1/i    ! any basic plot
	label/nouser 3 4 0 0 0.5 @p8@pm14   ! overlay a horizontal
                           ! arrow pointing right, thick red 0.5" long

	label/nouser 3 4 0 180 0.5 @p8@pm14 ! same but pointing left

	label/nouser 5 4 0 35 0.8 @pg@pm14  ! a very thick blue arrow
	                   ! rotated by 35 clockwise ~ 0.8" long

I hope the appearance of the arrow suits you.  If not you could design
one of your own and use "ppl aline" or other methods to render it.

Good Luck,
Mick Spillane

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