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Re: Multiplying arrays

Hi Richard,

It sounds like the expression you are looking for looks something like

    my_array * SIN( Y[g=my_array] * pi/180 )

The "Y[g=my_aray]" means the Y coordinates from the grid of the variable

For further information see
    Ch3 Sec2.2. Multi-dimensional expressions
    Ch3 Sec1.3. Pseudo-variables

I hope this helps - steve


Richard Dixon wrote:

> Hello,
> This is probably an extremely simple query but coming from IDL, I'm
> finding it hard to get my head around arrays in Ferret.
> I have a 41x19x3x730 (x,y,z,t) array that is based on a lat/long grid (it
> is an NCAR re-analysis).
> All I would like to do is multiply a variable I have created from the
> original array but the value of the sine of the latitude at each point in
> the array (which is obviously independant of x,z,t). I have no trouble
> with sine etc. - it's just the creation of the new array that I can't seem
> to do.
> Any advice would be gratefully received as I'm starting to lose hair on
> this one!
> Many thanks
> Richard


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