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Variable number of arguments to GO tool without default values

(I'm a regular font of questions today.)

I want to pass N (N <= 9) arguments to a GO script but I don't want or need
default values for them. For example:

Inside var_args:

[I know this doesn't work]

set mode meta $1.$2.$3.$4.plt

And when it's called:

GO var_args A [gives A.plt]

GO var_args A B [gives A.B.plt]

GO var_args A B C [gives A.B.C.plt]

and so on.

Do I need a really big if-else-then block to do this? Thanks.

Gary Strand                Climate Change Research Section, NCAR (303) 497-1336
strandwg@ucar.edu                          http://www.cgd.ucar.edu/ccr/strandwg

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