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Re: Label Positioning

> If I use the /NOLABS option with FILL to suppress the default labels,
> does anyone know the formula that ferret uses to calculate the position
> of the default labels? I would like to write my own labels and use
> the default coordinates. Positioning via "mouse click" is not an option
> since this will run in batch mode.

Not sure why you would want to do this, since placing labels is so easy.

1. Instead of /nolabs, use /title="My title".
This will replace the default title with one of your own choosing
in the default location.

2. Make all your own labels. It's easy. Use the symbols ($ppl$xlen)
and ($ppl$ylen) (axis lengths in inches) to do this. These symbols
are defined by ferret when a plotting command is given.

For example:

fill/nolab/set .....
ppl ylab,My y-axis label
ppl xlab,My x-axis label
ppl fill

label/nouser `($ppl$xlen)/2` `($ppl$ylen)+.9` 0 0 .2 Title to appear on the top
label/nouser -.8 `($ppl$ylen)/2` 0 90 .15 Title to appear vertically on the left

In general, it is really easy to control all the axis and title labeling
using the ppl commands (xlab,ylab,axlint,axnmtc) and the /hlimits and /vlimits 
qualifiers. So easy that there's hardly any reason to use the defaults except 
for a quick look.

Billy K

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