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Ferret 5.2 on Linux

Hi Ferreters,

I just installed v5.2 on my SuSE Linux 7.0 system. After fixing the old
"libtermcap" problem (I hat to include the directory where
libtermcap.so.2 resides into the  LD_LIBRARY_PATH) ferret starts, reads
and lists data, but crashes when I tried to plot:

yes? set data levitus_climatology
yes? shade temp[k=1]
 setfont: Read error on font file:/usr/local/ferret/ppl/fonts/fnt01.chr

Warning: Floating underflow occured

I compared the file with my installation on the SUN, it is the same. 

Does that also has to do with the libtermcap?
Any suggestions?



Dr. Arne Biastoch
Scripps Institution of Oceanography        phone: +1-858-822-3787
Physical Oceanography Research Division    fax  : +1-858-534-9820
MS: 0230                                   email: abiastoch@ucsd.edu
8605 La Jolla Shores Dr.            
La Jolla, CA 92093-0230, U.S.A.   http://www.ecco.ucsd.edu/~biastoch

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