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Re: Vis5D

The error you see is not due to anything with the function itself, but
is due to the shared object file for writev5d not being found by Ferret.

The file writev5d.so should be in the directory that is pointed to by
the environment variable FER_EXTERNAL_FUNCTIONS.  I can
help you further (outside of the mailing list) if needed.

Ansley Manke

"rene.redler" wrote:

> Hello,
>    has anyone out there used the writev5d function that is provided with
> the ferret distribution version 5.22? Does anyone know for which platforms
> writev5d was programmed and/or tested? The problems I faced (on SGI and
> Linux) are listed in more detail below. Unfortunately I do not have any
> other platform available to carry out further tests.
> Thank you very much for any hint.
> Rene
> When running ef_wv5d_demo.jnl on SGI IRIX I got the following
>   GO vis5d_write coads_clim.v5d sst airt wspd u v slp
>    **ERROR: command syntax: writev5d(sst, airt, wspd, u, v, slp, 0, 0,
>   "coads_clim.v5d")
>             writev5d before ( is illegal
>   DEFINE VARIABLE/QUIET vflag = writev5d(sst, airt, wspd ...
> For Linux I was not able to run the script either, ferret stopped with the
> message
>   Bailing out of external function "writev5d":
>            Times must be strictly increasing 16-DEC      01:20:06 15-JAN 11:49:12
> which can also be due to misinterpretation of the descriptor file in the
> Linux distribution. (I modified the descriptor files with the
> linuxize_descriptors script that is distributed as well.)
> I then succeeded trying out the second example given in the manual
> (merging coads_climatology and levitus_climatology into one file) in so
> far that a v5d file was produced.
> vis5d (V5.2) itself stopped with a message vis5d coads_levitus_test.v5d
> > vis5d coads_levitus_test.v5d
> > Error: not a v5d file
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