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very long MC !


    I'm trying to use MC to group and analyze 1200 monthly data files
(one file for month).  I've discovered, after building the descriptor
file :(.des) that I would be allowed to call up to 500 files only
(ferret's prompt inform!).
    So, I've created another groups of files, each one with 120 months,
to reduce the numbers of files and to call using MC again (now only huge
10 files). I have also used the ".des" file to call these 120 monthly
data into ferret .
    I was partially succeeded doing that! However, when looking for the
variables I've discovered they are somehow distorted and not related
with the older (monthly) data sets.
    When I first call the monthly data sets to ferret they are ok! - the
problem happens after I save all these files in only one.
    Does anyone knows a escape route to that or something that I'm doing
wrong ?

Hope someone can help!! :(

To generate these monthly data I have used the ferret commands:

define axis/modulo/units=degrees/x=0e:0e/npoints=180 xa
define axis/units=degrees/y=69s:66n/npoints=93 ya
define axis/z/units=layer/npoints=16 za = {....nnnnnn.....}
define axis/t0=15-jan-0000/t=1:1:1/units=months/modulo ta
define grid/x=xa/y=ya/z=za/t=ta grida
file/var=var_example/grid=grida file_example(monthty)
save/clobber/format=cdf/file=example  var_example[g=grida]

Then after all these 1200 files done, I have used the following script:

use example_des_file (.des file, attached)
define axis/t0=15-jan-0000/t=1:120:1/units=months/modulo tb
define grid/like=var_example/t=tb gridb
save/format=cdf/clobber/file=example_10years var_example[g=gridb]

(I have also tried to save it without defining a new grid, but .... the
same problem !)

   D_TYPE               = '  MC',
   D_FORMAT             = '  1A',
   D_SOURCE_CLASS       = '                ',
   D_EXPNUM             = '    ',
   D_TITLE              = '                            ',
   D_FORCING_SET        = '    ',
   D_T0TIME             = '01-jan-0000',
   D_TIME_UNIT          =  2629800,        !D_TIME_UNIT (months now!) (must be seconds)
   D_TIME_MODULO        = .false.,
   D_TIME_MADE          = '19 APR 1999',
   D_WHO_MADEIT         = ' ',
   D_MESSAGE            = ' ',
   D_ALERT_ON_OPEN      = F,
   S_FILENAME           = 'o021.001',
   S_AUX_SET_NUM        =  0,
   S_START              =  1.,
   S_END                =  120.,
   S_DELTA              =  1., 
   S_NUM_OF_FILES       =  120,
   S_REGVARFLAG         = ' ',
   S_FILENAME           = '**END OF STEPFILES**'

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