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Opening very large datasets


I am attempting to open a rather large NetCDF file in ferret v5.22, and have 
been unsuccessful. The file is a bit over 3Gb, and the error message given by 
ferret is as follows:

yes? use FILE.cdf 
lnetcdf/lncx.c:1733: failed assertion `(*cp & 0x80) == 0'
Abort (core dumped)

I created the dataset from model output. I tried with a 1Gb file, and it 
worked (i.e. It's not a problem with the file. ncdump output looks fine.) Is 
there any way to use large files, or do I have to split them up?


Frederic Chagnon        (617)253-5483
Ralph M. Parsons Laboratory    48-212
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Cambridge         MA            02139

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