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How to deal with the topography when doing the vertical transportcalc.

Dear Ferreters,

Seems like an easy question, but I don't know how to do it.

Say, I have a model data which has 11 layers in z direction.
the 11th layer is from 4000m to 5000m.  When I want to integrate
the vertical transport of one location, like 30N in Pacific,
I have a variable which is the bottom water mass I already have figured
out. when do the @din, since the vel. here in the model is at the
mid point of 11th layer if it is a wet point, the integration in
ferret will count to the 5000m. in fact,the actual depth of this 
area may varied much less than 5000m, (I have another var. contained
the depth of every grid, 'depth'), so the integration result is much
than the actual value. How to solve it?  In a simple way, I want
to do like z=0:depth@din, 'depth' is another vari. but not the fixed
value, can I do this?



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