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New Ferret FAQ on coastline overlays

Thanks to Patrick Brockmann, we've recently learned of a resource for
obtaining detailed coastline data at the USGS's Coastline extractor page:
http://crusty.er.usgs.gov/coast/getcoast.html  These are in a convenient form to
download and overlay on Ferret plots.  There's an FAQ on this  in the Ferret
web pages:

The Coastline Extractor page also makes river locations and political boundaries
available, though it turns out that the political boundaries are not up to date.  The
author of the coastline extractor page has hopes that they will be updated.  He
noted that the page is due to be transferred to NOAA  management, and so the
link to it may also change in the near future.

Ansley Manke

Ansley Manke  Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory  Seattle WA  (206)526-6246

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