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Re: Postscript

Dear Ferreters,

Yahoo!!! I just tried this quick and simple utility called ps2epsi and
it works perfectly. Thanks M.Kessler and M.Pal. Now I could see under
Windows (Corel9 and Canvas7) the PostScript made by Ferret.

If you have ps2epsi you just have to type:   ps2epsi   infile.ps

I still don't know why Postscript made from metafile.plt in Ferret
cannot be viewed after conversion with Fprint or gksm2ps.
I still have a blank page and got no result with Gimp, Ghostview,
(neither Canvas7 or Corel9 after using ps2epsi). The Postscript version
is PS-Adobe-1.0 so maybe that is why. I would love to know why that does
not work, just to know!! Any answer appreciate.

But, that is no longer a problem since I could have a nice result with
"ferret -batch toto.ps" and could allow Windows users to see their maps
after converting it with ps2epsi.

Thanks to Ferret mailing list, always helpfull and very quick.

Billy Kessler wrote:

> I don't know about canvas9, but to bring postscript into
> Wordperfect it has to be "encapsulated". There is a unix
> utility called ps2epsi that makes this conversion, which
> I think is minor (something about defining a bounding box
> at the head of the postscript). Then it can be brought
> into wordperfect (to be printed, not viewed on the screen).
> I'm not sure where ps2epsi comes from, though. On our system
> it is part of ghostscript:
> /opt/local/freeware/ghostscript/bin/ps2epsi,
> if that helps.
> Billy K

Jeremy S Pal wrote:

>   Hi Guille. -
> I am not an expert in this, but I seem to recall that postscripts
> on PCs need to be encapsulated.  To convert, I use a utility in
> UNIX called ps2epsi.  Unfortunately, I do not know the equivalent
> for a PC.
> I hope this helps.
>   - Jeremy

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