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Dear Ferret users,

I got some problems with metafile and Postscript, if anyone has a clue.
I think that is a version problem.

If I open a Postscript generated by Ferret Icould read it is
(I open Ferret with option -batch toto.ps)
This Postscript can be viewed by ghostscript or Gimp on Linux and is
fine. But I cannot view it with Canvas7 or Corel9 under Windows. There
is a size problem. My map always appears at the bottom right of the
page. I have "invisible" objects I can select but cannot view on the
rest of the page. I sometimes got message memory error when I try to
view those maps.

So I use ferret in batch mode (ferret -batch) and tried to use gksm2ps
and Fprint to convert metafile.plt to Postscript to see if I could
change some options and have a result that could be view under Windows.

I generate a metafile.plt with Ferret and then convert it to Postscript
with  "Fprint -o toto.ps metafile.plt",
I got this error message:
GKSM item 3 is undefined
GKSM item 3 is undefined
and generated Postsript is PS-Adobe-1.0 and could not be view by
Canvas7, Corel9, Gimp or Ghostview.
I only got a blank page.

I convert this same metafile.plt generated by Ferret with  "gksm2ps -o
toto.ps"  after
Metafile name: metafile.plt
GKSM item 3 is undefined
GKSM item 3 is undefined
I again got this error message. The Postscript is PS-Adobe-1.0 and could
not be view neither. Same as Fprint.

So I can't use gksm2ps, neither Fprint and cannot see any postscript
under Windows. Most of the people are using Windows so that is a

If anyone has any idea of what I am doing wrong or how I could solve
this problem, I'll be happy.
I am using gksm2ps version 1.06 and Ferret version 5.0 with Linux
Mandrake 7.0.


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