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Re: gridding

Hello Guille,
The gridding functions use Cartesian distances as they do the interpolation.

By the way, starting with Ferret version 5.22, they are all renamed (to conform
to shorter subroutine names required by some compilers); they are now called
scat2gridgauss_xy, scat2gridlaplace_xy*, etc.

Guille wrote:

> Dear Ferreters,
> I would like to know how the different "scatter2grid" functions
> calculate the distances to do interpolation of my coordinates. Is it a
> cartesian distance, a flat earth approximation, a full spherical
> calculation? In GMT (another software) the distance are calculated
> differently depending of what kind of units I use.  Does Ferret use
> different calculations either?
> I looked into the source to have an answer but, because I did not
> compile myself Ferret on my PC, I miss some source (subroutines
> scatter2grid functions are calling) and the "scatter2grid" functions are
> in Fortran and I am not familiar with that programming language.
> any help is welcome,
> thanks,
> Guille

Ansley Manke  Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory  Seattle WA  (206)526-6246

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