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Reading an ASCII file


This is probably a simple one, but I am having problems reading in an
ASCII file. The format is longitude by time, with a blank line between
each time slice. It is also modular in longitude and delimited by tabs. A
smaller example would be say SST at (-90,0,90,180,-90) for (4 times), e.g. 

1.0	2.0	3.0	4.0	5.0

2.0	3.0	4.0	5.0	6.0

4.0	5.0	2.0	4.0	3.0

6.0	3.0	2.1	3.4	8.9

If I define simple axes and grids by

define axis/X=1:5:1 longax
define axis/T=1:4:1 timax
define grid/T=timax/X=longax gblock

And read in using 

file/var=sst/grid=gblock testfile

I can't seem to plot or fill the data. Has anyone got a simple script
which will enable me to read in this kind of ascii file. I'm not sure if
it is an ordering problem. Thanks in advance,

Graham Gladman 

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