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I've just installed Ferret 5.22 so that I am able to use the external EOF
and FFT functions (with a view to perhaps writing a more general SVD
external function, depending on difficulty).

I wonder if anyone has used EOF_SPACE, EOF_STAT and EOF_TRUNC on a 4D
dataset, and has an example script on the input syntax and handling the
output from these functions. 

For example, I have a 4D temperature field TEMP, and I would an EOF of
TEMP at 250m depth on the first two years of monthly data. Is:

let temp_eofs = eof_space(temp[z=250,l=1:24], 2, 0.8)

sufficient. Or are the command qualifiers described elsewhere. How are the
eofs stored on the resulting grid, and how would I plot them? 

Any help appreciated,

Graham Gladman

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