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Announcing Ferret V5.22 on Solaris, Linux, and DEC (Compaq)

  *** Ferret V5.22 Available on Solaris, Linux, SGI, and DEC (Compaq)

           Ferret version 5.22 is now available for download.

A list of the new capabilities available in V5.22 may be found in the
Release Notes at

Also included in version 5.22 is a new and expanded Users Guide
Particular attention has been paid in the new UG to a careful Index. We
encourage you to give it a try as a quick reference document.

The Windows NT/9X version of Ferret V5.22 will follow. We encourage
involvement from volunteers to assist us with the port of V5.22 to HP,
and IBM/AIX. If you would like to help with these or other ports, please
contact us at ferret@pmel.noaa.gov.

	Happy Ferreting -- the Ferret developers


Web download:   http://www.ferret.noaa.gov/Ferret/

FTP download:   ftp://www.ferret.noaa.gov/pub/

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