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singleton dimensions

Greetings Ferreters -- This may be fairly straightforward but I'm not
quite sure how to do it. I have several netCDF files that have singleton
dimensions (in Z). I would like to remove the Z dependence. I can do this
fairly straightforwardly by using ncdump to create a CDL file, hand
editing the CDL file, and then using ncgen to create the desired CDF file. 
However, I'd like to automate this process and have a Ferret script remove
the singleton dimension. I have tried regridding to a grid that has the
desired dimensionality but it seems the singleton dimensions get tacked on
anyway. Any suggestions? 

thanks, David

            |  School of Oceanography       |
David Darr  |  University of Washington     |  darr@ocean.washington.edu
            |  Seattle, WA 98195            |

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