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climatology over a subset


How do I define a climatology (using gt=month_reg@mod) over a temporal
subset of a netcdf file? I have Topex/Posedion altimeter data from
Oct-1992 to Jun-1998 and want to define a climatology covering 1993-1997.
I tried to do this by defining the region over the appropriate 'l' and
't', but neither worked. The resulting climatology was the same as that
over the entire data set.

I also tried to define the climatology using
let sla = ssh[l=l_min:l_max, gt=month_reg@mod]
where l_min and l_max were actual numerical values, but this did not work
either (nor did using t="1-jan-1993":"31-dec-1997").

Regards, Shankar.

D. Shankar                           Ph. (O): [91](832) 22 6253 * 4312/4400
Physical Oceanography Division,                         22 1322 * 4312/4400
National Institute of Oceanography,      (R): [91](832) 23 8208      
Dona Paula,                          Fax    : [91](832) 22 3340/9102
Goa 403 004,                         email  : shankar@csnio.ren.nic.in
India.                                        shankar@darya.nio.org

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