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Ferret descriptor files on Linux

I'm running ferret under Linux Mankdrake version 7.1. 

Ferret descriptors do not appear to work properly with ferretv4.91 or

In particular, using the "coads_clim.des" file included in the
"mc_datasets.tar" bundle, I receive the following error message from
ferret (v4.91 and v5.11):

 set dat coads_clim.des
 **TMAP ERR: Error in namelist record
             Error in: FORMAT_RECORD; or file not descriptor file
             Data set: ./coads_clim.des

(This same descriptor file work on an SGI)

Has anyone used descriptor files successfully on a linux machine? 

Thanks in Advance.


Matthew J. Harrison	       	                         GFDL
Physical Scientist					 P.O. Box 308
NOAA Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory               Princeton, NJ

e-mail:                 mjh@gfdl.gov
Tel:                    (609)452-6579 
Fax:                    (609)987-5063
http address:           http://www.gfdl.gov/~mjh

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