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Error in right_axis_plot.jnl

My brilliant (and often annoying) office mate, Alban Lazar, has discovered
a problem with the multiple variable plotting JNL files left_axis_plot.jnl 
and right_axis_plot.jnl. The left_axis_plot would work fine, but when he
executed the right_axis_plot he would get TWO red lines for the second
variable, one scaled to the right axis and one scaled to the left axis! 
After determining that he hadn't done anything TOO strange (sorry, Alban),
I tried the demo program again (multi_variable_demo.jnl), plotting a
modified temperature that would make the left axis scale up to include the 
range of the salt. Sure enough, two red lines.

The problem is in right_axis_plot.jnl, which has the code section:

! draw the plot
ppl window off
ppl plot/over
ppl plot/over ! needs 2 times to get aline to work - don't know why

The second ppl plot/over creates the "BAD" line. This wasn't seen in the
demo because temp and salt have a non-overlaping range of values.

The fix is simple:

1) remove the second ppl plot/over

2) move the aline command:

! set up the line specimen
ppl aline/nouser 1,'axov_aline_xpos','axov_aline_start','axov_aline_xpos',

to after the ppl plot/over and chenge the lines to:

! plot the right hand line specimen
ppl aline/nouser 1,'axov_aline_xpos','axov_aline_start','axov_aline_xpos',

(remove the ,on from the end)

Thanks for your support,

	Mark Verschell

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