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Contour labels

Hello All,
	To add to that flurry of info on labels, let me add the ppl commands
that allow the contour labels to be customized.  These are
	CONSET - sets height, #significant digits, as well as other
		 properties of contour lines
	CONPRE - allows text or pen changes before (prefixed) to contour label
	CONPST - can be used to add text after (postfixed) to the numerical
	 	 value of a contour label

For example:
set view upper
contour/i=1:10/j=1:10/title="Defaults" i+j
set view lower
ppl conset,0.15,0 ; ppl conpre,@p2 ; ppl conpst,cm/s ; ppl contour,Customized

In the lower panel the contour labels will appear as red (@p2 => pen2) and
values like 10cm/s will be written.

Other options and uses of the CONSET command can be learned from the PPL+
manual.  The syntax of the CONPRE and CONPST are simply
	CONPRE prefix      ;    CONPST postfix
where "prefix" and "postfix" are strings that PlotPlus can deal with.

Mick Spillane

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