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Re: label font sizes


	A general comment first, if you refer to PPLUS manual, chapter 8,
there is a whole section on PPLUS label commands. See also the PPLUS
manual, chapter 4, which is a command synopsis (4.3 is for label commands)

	Specifically, the two commands I think you want are AXLSZE to
change axis label heights, and then surprisingly, you need the LABSET
command (this is not obvious) which has the form:


Sets character heights for labels.  (also see LABS, RLABS, LLABS)
    HLAB1 = main label default=.16 inches
    HXLAB = x - label default=.12 inches
    HYLAB = y - label default=.12 inches
    HLABS = movable labels default=.12 inches


On Thu, 8 Jun 2000, 'Jeff Polton' wrote:
> Dear Ferreteers,
> I am trying to increase the size of my axis labels, axis titles
> but have only managed to successfully change the x-axis lables with:
> PPL XLAB "Meridional distance (x5000km)"
> PPL YLAB "Height (x5000m)"
> PPL YFOR 0.870,1.000,0.005
> PPL XFOR 0,10,0.5
> 	which curiously only changes the xais label sizes.
> Are there other commands to edit the yaxis numbers and the XLAB, YLAB
> sizes?
> Thanks,
> 	Jeff Polton
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