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Re: Ferret on Linux

On Thu, 8 Jun 2000, Karsten Bolding wrote:

> I've just downloaded and installed ferret on a Debian linux system
> (glibc2.1 based - woody).
> When I try to run I get a  'Segmentation fault'.

I use ferret on a system running Debian 2.1 (slink), and it works fine,
except for "spawn". Spawn crashes, saying option "-c" in bash
requires an argument. This does not happen with RedHat 6.1.

Running ferret on Debian (at least slink) requires the package
termcap-compat (I think it is under oldlibs). Installing ncurses, the
Debian default, is not enough.

I intend switching to Debian 2.2 (potato) when it is released. Since woody
is the unstable branch, are you sure the problem is with ferret? It may
just be that woody and the current linux version of ferret are not

Regards, Shankar.

D. Shankar                           Ph. (O): [91](832) 22 6253 * 4312/4400
Physical Oceanography Division,                         22 1322 * 4312/4400
National Institute of Oceanography,      (R): [91](832) 23 8208      
Dona Paula,                          Fax    : [91](832) 22 3340/9102
Goa 403 004,                         email  : shankar@csnio.ren.nic.in
India.                                        shankar@darya.nio.org

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