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time series in unix time

Dear ferreters,
i'm a new user and can't find answers for my problem in the UserG or archive.
i've got variables:

        int basetime(unit) ;
                basetime:long_name = "Seconds since Jan 1,1970" ;
        float TTBR(time) ;

where the time dimension is seconds since basetime.

i want to regrid my variable (TTBR) so that the time axis will be displayed in
calender time. 

yes? define axis/T=1:5500:1/unit=sec/T0="28-JAN-1999:12:00" tax
yes? define grid/T=tax grida
yes? plot tdew[G=grida]
 **ERROR: regridding: only @ASN regridding between calendar and
          non-calendar axes: TDEW

something like this, without the **ERROR

or maybe there is unix time utilities in ferret?

i'd appreciate help very much
stay well
Roelof Burger                  tel  : +27-58-303-5571
SAWB / Metsys                  fax  : +27-58-303-2352
P/Bag X15 Bethlehem 9700       email: roelof@metsys.ofs.gov.za
South Africa                   www  : http://metsys.ofs.gov/

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