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Re: muliple viewports one colorbar key

I do this routinely. Define you viewports as you wish,
but just leave enough space (usually on the right margin)
for the colorbar. In each viewport but the lower right,
make the plot with the fill/nokey command. Then in the 
lower right one, do fill/key and use shakey.

For example, here is a script I call to set up viewports
and colorbar for 2 columns and 3 rows. It sets up the
vp's, then I paste the shakey command for the final plot.
You may need to adjust the final value in the shakey command
depending on the aspect ratio of your window.

! Description: sets viewports for 2 columns and 3 rows
! allow room for a big colorbar on the right
! this works well with the following shakey in the botr panel,
! and set win/asp=1.2 (else adjust the 2.25 in the final value)

!ppl shakey 1 1 .12 1 3 9 `($ppl$xlen)+1.2+.5` `($ppl$xlen)+1.2+.5+1.` 1.4 `1.4+3*($ppl$ylen)+2.25`
define view/xlimits=0,.51/ylimits=0,.42 botl
define view/xlimits=0,.51/ylimits=.29,.71 midl
define view/xlimits=0,.51/ylimits=.58,1.0 topl
define view/xlimits=.45,.96/ylimits=0,.42 botr
define view/xlimits=.45,.96/ylimits=.29,.71 midr
define view/xlimits=.45,.96/ylimits=.58,1.0 topr

Billy K

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