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How do you pass title strings to ferret go files?

I've been trying to finish off my running power spectrum go
file, and the ferret go file argument passing is throwing
me for a loop. I want to pass the plot title as argument #2,
but the example from the user manual:
doesn't work, ie no quotation marks appear:

yes? go my.jnl inputfilename "10 ppmv/1Myr gradient"
yes? shade /set_up /transp /tit=$2%*>"*"% series_fft
 !-> shade /set_up /transp /tit=10 ppmv/1Myr gradient series_fft
 **ERROR: command syntax: ppmv/1Myr gradient series_fft

What's going on? (I'm running on Redhat Linux 6.0)


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