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working with NetCDF file

Dear All:

Working with NCEP dataset I would like to
use recommendation given by Steve Hankin sometime ago how to write a
part of the NetCDF file (for example to cut specific region (x,y,z) 
from it) to Ascii for example:

set data NCEP_file
set region/x=180E:180W/y=0N:90N/z=30
save/file=my_file.dat/format=(5F12.5)/nohead rose

In the NCEP-file there is N month in the dataset.  However, I would 
like also to pick up only specific month, for example, January (every 
twelve ones starting with one).  Does Ferret allow to do this?  If 
so, I even can not think how.

Sincerely, Natasha

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