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Re: can ferret save the variable to ascii/binary file?

  Hi Kun -

This is quite easy to do using the list command as follows:
  list/nohead/format=(f20.10)/clobber/file=mydata.dat var1
  list/nohead/format=(f20.10)/append/file=mydata.dat var2

Note that the nohead option tells ferret to only write the
variables (not the header stuff).  This proabably required for

I hope this helps.

  - Jeremy

On Sun, 23 Apr 2000, Yang Kun wrote:

> Dear ferreters,
> i wanna save some variables to an ascii or binary file then
> use matlab to do some signal processing. can ferret save as
> these or it only save as netcdf file?
> thanks!
>  --Kun
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