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**ERROR: stack overflow: grid stack

Hi ferret users

I am running in trouble while precessing a large number of netcdf files
with ferret V500beta1.1.
The Problem is that ferret seems to create a new set of grids for every
file which is being opened, even if other previously opened files habe
been canceled using "cancel data 1".
I even tried opening a file, closing it and then opening the exact same
file again which produced another identical set of grids.
Is there a way to prevent this, since (afaik) there is no such thing as
a "cancel grid" command. Or is there a posibility to tell ferret to use
a specific already existing grid for every variable in a file being
Is there no other way at all to get rid of all those (identical sets of)
grids than exit ferret and restart it?

Any help would be appreciated


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