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symmetric anomalies?


Does anyone know how to tell ferret to generate "symmetry anomaly fields"?

 An example would be the following:
    Given SST field extending
    from 60S to 60N, plot SSTANO, which is defined as difference
    between the north and the south hemispheres (the line of symmetry
    being the equator):
       SSTANO = SST(from 60S to 60N) - SST(from 60N to 60S)
       Its important to note that Lat S should map to the same Lat N,
       (i.e give difference between 50S and 50N, etc.)
 Likewise one could generate an anomaly plot where the line
 of symmetry is a given longitude and w'ed get an east-west
 anomaly field.
 If anyone has ideas on how to do this please share them with me, -
 I'm kindoffa stuck here...
 Halldor Bjornsson
 Program in Atmosphere and Ocean Science &
 Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory
 Princeton University, Princeton, NJ USA
 email: hnb@gfdl.gov

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