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Re: How to fit data with a straight line


The following is the whole process to do regress for T

 Suppose I have a 3-D data temperature with 49 year x 12 months = 588 time steps

  currently SET data sets:
     1> temp.nc  (default)
  name     title                             I         J         K         L
  TEMP     COADS SST                        1:97      1:57      ...       1:588

  yes? def axis/t=1-jan-1945:31-dec-1993:365.25/units=days/edges tax1
  yes? let TMEAN = TEMP[gt=tax1@ave]
  yes? let q = TMEAN[L=1:49]             ! Better to specify the time range
  yes? let p = t[GT=tax1,L=1:49]         
  yes? go regresst                       ! Do not use: set grid q
  yes? contour/l=20 QHAT
  yes? contour TMEAN[L=20]-QHAT[L=20]    ! do not use: contour/L=20 TMEAN-QHAT
  Have a good weekend.
  Haijun Yang

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