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Re: How to overlay a symbol on a time series plot

	Here is something that works - not too elegant but it works

yes? def axis/t=1-jan-2000:29-feb-2000:1/units=days tax
yes? def grid/t=tax grd
yes? let temp=l[g=grd]
yes? let tbar=temp[l=@ave]
yes? list tbar
             TIME: 31-DEC-1999 12:00 to 29-FEB-2000 12:00
So now we have a test series 1.0,2.0, ... 60.0 with average 30.5
Define a new series with the value "tbar" at a time axis position
of your choice - say l=20
yes? let tlab=if(l eq 20)then tbar
and missing values elsewhere.  Then
yes? plot temp
yes? plot/o/nolab/sym=16 tlab
plots the series with an overlay of the average as a suitable
symbol (16 is <-) at the chosen location.

Hope this helps,
Mick Spillane

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