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point data

Dear Ferreters,

in order to compare observational data with model output, I try to import the
observational data into ferret, following the example given in
Chapter 7A (2.4 Defining gridded variables from point data) of the online

My script is as follows:
file/skip=1/var="index,year,month,day,lon,lat,obs" obs.dat
let lat_index=SORTI(lat)
DEFINE AXIS/FROM/NAME=lat_ax/Y/UNITS=lat SAMPLEI(lat_index, lat)
DEFINE GRID/Y=lat_ax glat
LET NEW_lat = index[g=glat] ! a dummy variable to use in RESHAPE below 
LET lat_sorted_obs = SAMPLEI( lat_index, obs )
LET obs_on_lat = RESHAPE( lat_sorted_obs, NEW_lat )
PLOT obs_on_lat 
plot/over/vs lat[d=1],obs[d=1]
However this does not give the desired result, namely the observational data on
a ferret lat-grid. The horizontal axis of the plot is still 'x'.

The same for longitude ('lat'->'lon', 'Y'->'x' in the above script)
works well !!! 
I am using Ferret V500beta1.1 on DEC-Alpha.
What am I doing wrong ?

Any suggestions are appreciated !

            Patrick Joeckel

Patrick Joeckel
Max Planck Institute for Chemistry
Joh.-J. Becher Weg 27         
55128 Mainz                   phone:++49-6131-305452      
Germany                       fax  :++49-6131-305436     
Never trust an operating system you don't have sources for.

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