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Re: ask for UNIX expert

Sorry Haijun,

	On unix systems if you delete it, it is gone. I would find out if there
are any backup tapes kept on your system. If there are not, then you should
start making your own backups!


On Jan 28,  1:50pm, Yang Haijun wrote:
> Subject: ask for UNIX expert
> Hi,
> I am sorry this time my problem is not about ferret, it is about ferret
script files I wrote.
> If you are an UNIX system expert, please do me a favor:
> I deleted some important files with command "rm *.jnl" in my DEC workstation
with UNIX operating
> system. How to recover the deleted files from hard disk? Someone told me
there is no way to
> recover them unless you have backup files, is that true?
> Thanks a lot,
> Haijun
>-- End of excerpt from Yang Haijun

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