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KA'IMIMOANA departs Pago Pago, American Samoa bound for the Marshall Islands.
Chief Steward Clementine (Clem} Lutali and 2nd Cook Ginger Curran dress for Halloween!
Calm seas and beautiful sunsets just south of the equator along 170W.

Bloomsburg Univ scientist Karen Taylor assists with the SeaWiFS Profiling Multichannel Radiometer.
Captain Mark Ablondi and Mooring Specialist Brian Powers cut derelict fishing longline from the nilspin.
Scientists & crew take a well deserved break from the monsoon rains during the 8N/170W mooring deployment.

Chief Electronics Technician Jim Lynn repairs the AT/RH sensor atop the Aft Control Station.
Fantail BBQ..
KA arrives at the beautiful isle of Kwajalein in the Marshall Islands.

KAIMIMOANA departs Honolulu harbor bound for the western Pacific.
Bloomsburg Univ scientist Karen Taylor enters navigation data in the Survey Dept Nav computer.
MBARI's Kevin Mahoney & Dr. Victor Kuwahara flank Karen Taylor in the always cozy Wet Lab.

Chief Scientist Margie McCarty during the 5N/155W mooring deployment
2C Ginger Curran presents Bloomsburg scientist Karen Taylor with a Birthday Cake on her 22nd Birthday!
MBARI's Dr. Victor Kuwahara and Dr. Kevin Mahoney tweak their sensors on TAO's 0/155W buoy.

Calm seas beckon us to Pago Pago, American Samoa.

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