EcoFOCI Publications

Key to Publication Number

Beginning 2021 The EcoFOCI Publication Number is of the form EcoFOCI-XXXX where XXXX is sequential number starting at 1000.

Prior to 2021 The EcoFOCI Publication Number contains three fields separated by hyphens.


The first field contains four characters:  the first designates what branch of EcoFOCI produced the publication (0 = Shelikof Strait or general EcoFOCI, B = Bering Sea EcoFOCI, S = Southeast Bering Sea Carrying Capacity, N = North Pacific Climate Regimes and Ecosystem Productivity, G = U.S. GLOBEC, R = North Pacific Research Board); the final three characters are the sequential publication number.

The second field describes the quality of the publication, the affiliation of the lead author, and the affiliations of any co-authors.  If the field begins with R, then the publication has been formally peer reviewed.  Affiliation designators are A = Alaska Fisheries Science Center, P = Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory, O = Other.

The final field is a number declaring the number of copies of the publication that are archived in the EcoFOCI Publication file cabinet at PMEL (Mark Pickett's office, Room 2066, Building 3).



Stabeno, P.J., J.D. Schumacher, R.F. Davis, and J.M. Napp, 1998: Under-ice observations of water column temperature, salinity and spring phytoplankton dynamics: Eastern Bering Sea shelf, 1995. J. Mar. Res., 56, 239-255.

This publication was produced with funding from Bering Sea EcoFOCI.  It is EcoFOCI publication number 278.  The publisher, Journal of Marine Research, has a formal peer-review procedure.  The lead author is from PMEL; co-authors are from PMEL, AFSC, and Other (Dalhousie University).  There are no copies of this paper in the EcoFOCI archive.


Schleiger, D.R., C. DeWitt, and S.A. Macklin, 1995: Fisheries-Oceanography Coordinated Investigations: 1992 field operations report. NOAA Data Report ERL PMEL-54, NTIS PB95-240503, 77 pp.

This publication was produced by Base (Shelikof Strait) EcoFOCI.  NOAA Data Reports are not refereed publications, so there is no R designator.  The lead author and any co-authors are all PMEL personnel.  There are four copies in the EcoFOCI archive.