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Instructions For Cruise Instruction Templates

January 2002
The templates are intended to facilitate preparation of Cruise Instructions for FOCI ship operations aboard NOAA vessels, specifically the NOAA Ship Miller Freeman. It is important that Cruise Instructions contain accurate information. Cruise Instructions represent the written agreement between the Marine Operations Center-Pacific (MOC-Pacific), the ship and the Program. Whenever there is a question about a cruise plan, people refer to the Cruise Instructions.

Beginning in 1997, Cruise Instructions consist of two parts: specific instructions for each cruise and standard instructions for the season. Specific instructions, which reference the standard instructions, are supplied by the Chief Scientist of each cruise. The specific instructions detail the unique character of the cruise and describe any special operations or deviations from the Standing Instructions. Standard Instructions are predetermined and approved by FOCI and the Marine Operations Center-Pacific (MOC-Pacific). No modifications are made to the standard instructions without permission from the FOCI Field Operations Leaders and MOC-Pacific. Chief scientists must be familiar with the standard instructions. It is recommended that principal investigators review precedures that pertain to their work before each field season and request any changes that may be required to the standard.

Create specific instructions by using the RTF (Rich Text Format) template for 'Cruise Instructions.' When you click on an RTF file, your browser should automatically launch your word processing application and open the file. If your browser does not open your word processing application when you select an RTF file, then your browser needs to be set up to do this. (In Netscape 3.0 select Options /General Preferences... / Helpers. Scroll if necessary to select the file type Rich Text Format with extension 'rtf'. When selected, edit it so that your browser launches your word processing application. Then, select Apply (if possible), and OK. With some browsers it is important to Save Options under the Options menu for the change to be permanent.)

Modify and submit only the specific instructions. To complete the specific instructions, supply the information requested by the template and select appropriate operations and equipment for your cruise. Special attention should be given to the Cruise Objectives, Operations and Summary of Activities sections. There are sample templates for these sections that may be helpful. Also take special care with the Equipment section. If equipment is to be provided by the ship or MOC-Pacific, make sure it is specified as such. If you are uncertain who will provide specific equipment, consult the Field Operations Managers at the respective labs. A separate RTF file contains the Standard Operating Instructions for your reference. Familiarize yourself with these. If you should need to modify an operation through your specific instructions, links are provided to individual standard operations (CTD, bongo, ADCP, etc.). These can be pasted into your specific instructions and modified accordingly.  The template includes headers (cruise number; FOCI number, if any; date) and footers (page number); insert information for your cruise in the appropriate locations.

When you have finished, read over the entire document to verify that the information is correct.  Submit your instructions to your FOCI Field Operations Leader.

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