1.1 Investigator
1.2 Project
1.3 Proposal Title
1.4 Date
2 Give a general description of the field work you require in the coming year. 
3.1 How many cruises will you require? 

3.2 For each cruise, provide a target date, number of sea days required, operating areas, 
observations to be made, number (and names, if possible) of personnel.

4.1 What gear will you provide? 

4.2 What gear do you expect the ship to provide? 

4.3 What are your lab space requirements? Linear feet of bench space, computer network, special considerations

4.4 What gear do you want to request from the Program (e.g., underway thermosalinograph, fluorometer, CTD, etc.)?

5 Describe assistance needed from ship's personnel.

6 List any hazardous materials that you will provide.

7 Describe cargo (weights and volumes, storage requirements, crane requirements).

8 Describe your data plan (number and type of observations, schedule for data processing, archiving and sharing).