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EPIC X-Motif Point-and Click Interface - epicedit

The EPICEdit is X-motif based GUI that displays EPIC meta data (from EPIC pointer file) in the scrolling text window and allows user to remove unwanted meta data from the list.
The EPIC pointer file, containing the metadata of the data files, can be generated by using GUI XEPIC data selection application or using a command line EPIC data selection program, both will retrive EPIC metadata from backend Ingres or mSQL database. The "path/filename" listing formatted pointer file can also be used along with the actual data files must be available for EPICEdit program to retrieve other meta information from the data files. While 4dEdit provides 4-D visual display of the meta data, the EPICEdit gives user detailed meta data value information in a sorted list. EPICEdit features including sorted list by different variables; delect/retain selected entries; and save edited metadata into new pointer file which is ready to be used by running other EPIC programs. More fetures will be added later.
The EPICEdit application is developed using C++ language with the Motif toolkit on Solaris machine. X-Designer, an interactive tool, is used for building prototyped GUIs.
Please refer to EPIC X-Motif Point-and-Click Interface page for more information about other EPIC X-Motif GUI applications. If you are interested in using these applications, please contact EPIC team, we'll help you to setup.
Developers: Willa Zhu