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Java, OPeNDAP, AJAX, and other Developments

Web accessible (OPeNDAP, AJAX, Applets, etc)

DChart web access to
DChart web access to
OPeNDAP in-situ data

Temperature as a function
of time using ncBrowse.

NdEdit Utility Tool

Graphics using the sgt library.

Desktop Applications

  • DapperM - A Matlab interface to Dapper - an OPeNDAP in-situ data service
  • ncBrowse - netCDF and OPeNDAP browser and viewer.
  • MultiView - Plot Plus meta file viewer.
  • OceanShare - Collaborative tool to provide local and network access to oceanographic data.
  • Java OceanAtlas (JOA) - application for viewing and manipulating oceanographic profile data.
  • NdEdit - interactive tool for graphically selecting and subsetting large in-situ data collections
  • Climate Data Portal (CDP) has been integrated into the new OPeNDAP viewer for Observing System Data
  • Secure Document Repository (SDR) - Web and desktop access to protected folders and documents from the Internet.

Libraries and Utilities

  • cdfsync - networked netCDF synchronization
  • SGT - Scientific Graphics Toolkit
  • EPIC - Library of useful Java classes.


Other links

This software is provided free of charge for all to use.
Please acknowledge NOAA/PMEL/EPIC group if you use these tools, applets, or applications. Please see the EPIC software license agreement.