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Java Desktop Applications

NdEdit Data Browser
- Interactive tool for selecting and subsetting large in-situ data collections -

NdEdit is an interactive Java tool for selecting or subsetting data from large in-situ data collections.

  • The user can graphically view the locations of selected data sets in any 2D view of space and time (e.g., latitude-longitude map view or latitude-time view) and use graphical tools to select a desired subset of the displayed data .
  • Actions such as selecting or zooming in one 2D view are duplicated in the other 2D views.
  • NdEdit also features coastline and bathymetry display in the longitude-latitude view, user-settable horizontal and vertical axes, and zooming.
  • Data sets in a selected box, polygon or multi-section line can be deleted or retained.

NdEdit Help and Tutorial

Applications using NdEdit:

If you have any questions about NdEdit, please send mail to oz or epic@noaa.gov.