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EPIC X-Motif Point-and Click Interface - 4dedit

4dEdit is a highly interactive four-dimensional utility which allows a user to graphically view the locations of selected data sets in space and time, and then refine the selection in the same interactive, point-and-click, graphical environment. This is a very elegant solution to the problem any user faces when selecting a large number of data sets from large data collections, such as historical atlases of in-situ oceanographic data.
4dEdic Features:
  • Display meta data the in upto 6 Cut Panels at user's choice. (Each Cut Panelis a two-dimensional slice of a four-dimensional region (x,y,z,t). All data in the Selection Region perpendicular to the panel is projected onto the Cut Panel.)
  • Horizonal and Vertical axis region selection control
  • Zooming function
  • Delete or Retain selected region
  • User Property setting
  • User application configuration

4dedit (larger version)

This application is developed using C++ language with the Motif toolkit on Solaris machine. X-Designer, an interactive tool, is used for building prototyped GUIs.

Please refer to EPIC X-Motif Point-and-Click Interface page for more information about other EPIC X-Motif GUI applications. If you are interested in using these applications, please contact EPIC team, we'll help you to setup.

Developers: Donald W. Denbo