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Java Version and Installation

  1. Check your current java version using "java -version". If the version is not "1.2" or newer go to step 2.
  2. Update your java. Solaris and Windows versions of java can be found at Ports to other platforms can be found at
  3. Get the appropriate installer.
  4. Install following the provided directions.
  5. Test.

Now your ready to install/run ncBrowse. Note: The InstallAnywhere scripts ask you to select a java, select the java you just installed and proceed.

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UNIX Installation without Installer (ncBrowse version 1.4.*)

  1. Check your current java version using "java -version". If the version is not "1.4" or newer go to Java Version and Installation.
  2. Download ncBrowse.jar, lashandler.jar, noaa_pmel.jar, netcdfAll.jar, dods.jar, visad.jar, and png.jar (left mouse click on the links and "Save link as...") and place in a public readable directory, for example, "/usr/local/jar".
  3. Create a script named "ncBrowse" and place it in your PATH. For example, /usr/local/bin.

    # JAVA_HOME is the installation directory
    # for Java 2 version 1.4
    # classpath for Unix cannot have spaces between components
    java -cp $classpath ncBrowse.Browser $1
  4. Type "chmod +x /usr/local/bin/ncBrowse" and your ready to go!

    The above jar files are all included in the installers.

Jave Graphics Engine

The Scientific Graphics Toolkit (sgt) is used to graph one- or two-dimensional subsets defined in the Domain Selector window. SGT is freely available with on-line examples, tutorials and documentation. See

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