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Creating a Simple Plot quickly

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Plotting - making simple plots quickly with ncBrowse.( See Plots/Animations for ways to exercise more control over variable mapping (e.g., vectors), axis assignments, and animating.)

    1. In main ncBrowse window, double click variable of interest.
    2. This opens the Domain Selector Window where you can change axis orientation and range.
    3. Click "Graph Variable" to create the plot.
    4. About the Domain Selector Window
      1. Variable Panel (top) - The variable name its dimensions and attributes in cdl format are displayed in this scrolling panel.
      2. Dimension Panel (bottom) - Each dimension's name, units, graph axis mapping, axis reverse option, and current range selection are displayed in a scrolling panel. One- and two-dimensional subsets can be specified by selecting a dimension to be the x or y dependent axis.
      3. Warning: Selecting the y and x axes out of the "natural" order can be slow for large grids.
      4. For dimensions that have a more than one value, the value or range can be specified by either typing in the text box, right clicking in the text box, or selecting the "..." button to the right of the text field. The "..." button or right clicking will pop-up a dialog that allows easy selection of values from the full range of the dimension.
      5. Once the variable domain has been chosen selecting the "Graph Variable" button will open a one- or two-dimensional plot, a dialog displaying a single value, or a dialog displaying one or more strings.

Screen snapshot of Domain Selector Window

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