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Interacting with the graph - Zoom, moving labels, changing line/color keys and printing

  1. Zooming - ncBrowse supports mouse driven zooming. To zoom, press the left mouse button at one corner of a region you wish to zoom, and then drag the mouse with the button still pressed to the opposite corner. Releasing the button will initiate the xoom.
  2. To reset the zoom, either use the View->Reset Zoom menu item or while holding the "Cntrl" key down click the left mouse button in the graph area.
  3. Moving Objects (e.g., labels) - The title labels can be moved on the screen by pressing the left mouse button over a label then while the button is still pressed dragging the label to a new location.
  4. Line and color key - The line and color keys are displayed at the bottom of the graph. You can interactively change the line appearance by right-mouse clicking (or double left-mouse clicking) the line key. A dialog will pop-up that allows you to edit
    the line attribute. Line thickness and dashes will not be implemented until sgt is converted to use Java2D.
  5. Printing the graphic - choosing "Print" under the File menu will route a high quality graphic to the printer.

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