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[NEW] Please try the NEW EPIC Web Browser (v2.0),
the interactive in-situ data on-line access (Java enchanced).

More data sets are included.

Java Interface to EPIC Data Selection (Prototype)

Click the button below for a Java enhanced interface to EPIC oceanographic profiles residing on this server. First time users should read this important information before downloading the applet.

This is a document with an embedded Java applet. You need a Java capable browser to view. To see what this applet looks like go to this demonstration page.


Important: For a new selection you have to return to this page first! This is a restriction imposed by the browser's interface to Java applets.

Finally press the search button to search the databases and launch the EPIC Web Browser for your data selection. (Again: For a new selection you MUST return to this page!)

About This Applet | About Java Efforts of the EPIC and TAO Groups

This applet was rated Top 5% by JARS in May 1996 (Serial# B060508-4).

Stefan Zube, epic@noaa.gov -- (Java Design, EPIC Web Browser)
Willa Zhu, willa.zhu@noaa.gov -- (Database Design and Interface)

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