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EPIC in-situ data residing on UNIX workstation disks can be managed with any SQL database system such as Ingres, mSQL, postgreSQL, or MySQL database. The EPIC metadata, the information about the data, stored in the databases, can be accessed using a command-line interactive program, World Wide Web browsers, or a Motif-based X-window application that allows users to locate data in the underlying databases by specific selection constraints such as geographic, time, depth range, etc. These applications communicate with back-end databases, making it easy and convenient for remote users as well as local users to access EPIC data.
We have developed EPIC database software version 1.0 which support Ingres, mSQL, and postgreSQL databases. Recently we have re-designed database system (EPIC database version 2.0) and chosen MySQL database as our primary database management system. Please refer to EPIC Database Management Using MySQL presentation for more information about MySQL.