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Release notes

Version 2.20

    New features

  • New 1D plot type: bar charts
  • New 2D plot type: filled contours
  • Model data can be subcategorized into experiments
  • User supplied datasets (experimental)
  • Browser based animations
  • Bug fixes

  • Plot zoom didn't work in new version of IE 7
  • Gridded datasets (e.g. climate time sereis) without lat/lon axes supported
  • Popup axis dialogs now work in IE7
  • Use new geonames server URL (broke "Center map at location" functionality)
  • Fixed HTTP access to datasets server by Microsoft IIS 6.0 (multipart content is broken in IIS)
  • Multi-part HTTP requests were parsed incorrectly (case-sensitivity problem with "Content-Range")
  • More robust handling of allegedly CF or COARDS compliant datasets that aren't really CF or COARDS compliant.
  • NetCDF attribute names weren't escaped properly in OPeNDAP server
  • Labels for 2D plots for decadal (and longer) time periods now legible.
  • Couldn't handle dates with years > 10000

Version 2.10

    New features

  • Mouse-over on in-situ data plots displays data values
  • Sortable/searchable YAHOO data table used for displaying categories and datasets
  • Uncompressed tsv,csv,and jos insitu downloads
  • Axis values for gridded plots can be set by clicking on axis
  • Bug fixes

  • Use HTTP authentication if specified in OPeNDAP or HTTP URL
  • Fixed plot problems with reversed latitude axes
  • Fixed plot problems with some gridded datasets
  • Handle netCDF datasets with max variables size > 2GB (but < 4GB)
  • Fix bug with gridded KML where cbar_lo parameter ignored.
  • Large zipped in-situ netCDF files weren't read correctly
  • In-situ datasets that end with _time are evaluated as time series (rather than profiles).
  • Raster plots with datasets having ranges from -180->180 weren't plotted correctly.
  • Aggregations of OpenDap URLs result in bad attributes
  • OPeNDAP URL should be displayed on info page
  • DChart plot fails when selected region crosses dateline
  • DChart UI doesn't properly display gridded select rectangle
  • Dapper fails with IF-MODIFIED dates (localization problem)
  • Fixed null pointer error with invalid Dapper directory requests
  • stride calculation for plot decimation was incorrectly calculated with full axis size rather than axis size after range calculations were applied
  • 2D plots with range values not on grid boundaries were plotted with missing data on upper end of range

Version 2.00

  • Added aggregation capability for DChart and Dapper. netCDF data can be aggregated via local file access, OPeNDAP, or HTTP.
  • Many changes to support gridded datasets in DChart
  • Added OPeNDAP proxying. Dapper can optionally be configured to translates data from any netCDF file that is available via HTTP to the OPeNDAP protocol. This allows users to use OPeNDAP to access data from servers that don't have an installed OPeNDAP server by appending the URL for the data to a Dapper URL.

Version 1.0.0RC1

  • The CDP server is no more -- it is now integrated in Dapper and Dapper no longer uses CORBA to access profile or time series data.
  • DChart datasets can now be categorized.
  • netCDF character variables are now automatically converted to Dapper attributes. Added -vtoa [true|false] to to control this conversion.
  • Zip or JAR files can be used to store Dapper profile or time series files.
  • Google Earth output is available as a download type.
  • Zoom/pan controls added to DChart plots.
  • A permanent link to a DChart page that stores map, dataset, and variable parameters available through the new "Link to this Page" button in the DChart user interface.
  • New DChart and Dapper configuration options.
  • Better memory management.
  • Speed improvements
  • Support for HTTP If-modified-since protocol in Dapper
  • Users can click on DChart plot axes to set ranges.
  • Add/hide map link
  • DChart variable display scrolls if a dataset contains a large number of variables.
  • Dapper dataloader is now case-insensitive when checking units attributes in netCDF files.
  • DChart will display time series with multiple ids OR multiple variables
  • GMT instead of local time zone used for downloaded data
  • Dapper data loader works with MySQL 5.0
  • DChart station limit is now 15k
  • DChart browser filter allows IE 7
  • DChart variables exclude filter fixed.
  • Experimental fast index for very large datasets.
  • ... and, as usual, numerous bug fixes.

Version 0.9.0

  • Added DChart AJAX user interface servlet
  • Fixed multithreading bugs that could cause deadlocks
  • Now aggregates Opendap sequences as well as netCDF files
  • Added caching for Opendap aggregation
  • Configurable timeout
  • Dapper supports Opendap requests for multiple ids (e.g. _id={1,3,5})
  • Database loader much more efficient
  • More efficient database schema
  • Numerous bug fixes
  • Speed enhancements

Version 0.5

First public release

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